Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sea Glass Soap

My Sea Glass Handmade Soap is featured in an Amazing Soap Treasury today!

Our 10 year old Welsh Terrier, Taffy, was limping terribly this morning. He had a tangle with a possum in the back yard last night, so I was afraid he'd been bitten. Took him to the vet, and $260 and X-rays later we found that he has arthritis in his feet and a twisted toe from his nails being too long. He must've got tangled up and pulled something. Argh. So now he's on pain med for his toe, as well as an anti-inflammatory for his old boy doggie prostate.

It's raining again here. Summer weather means a good thunderstorm every afternoon in South Florida, but the weather is outdoing itself just now. The other day we had 3 inches of rain in a couple hours, and the next day we got the same amount again. Looks like a 50% chance of thunderstorms every day for the next week. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One More...

One more of my Jamika, in Alicia hair from RDNA. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arroz con Pollo kitchen smells amazing. I made a big batch of homemade sofrito, a la Daisy Martinez, so I can make Arroz con Pollo tonight. The frozen Goya sofrito is OK but making my own was a real eye opener, you just can't beat homemade.

Both of my kids will be here for dinner tonight. We brought Vicky home Friday, and Geoff is joining us this evening. I love to cook knockout Mom Food for them. For dessert: Magic Bars! Yeah, the nutrition goes out the window on the rare occasions both of my babies are home at the same time.

New in my soap shop, Satsuma Handmade Soap! Smells fabulous. :)

I've been working all weekend on one pesky seam in Jamika's skin texture. I think I've got it now. Here's another peek at her.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Featured On!

I am so thrilled to be featured on Babble, the comprehensive and fabulous site for moms online! I'm one of the 50 Best Etsy Moms!

Things have been busy for me the last few weeks. My hosting service, which had been stellar for many years, suddenly began having a lot of down time. My SSL wasn't working properly. So I had to move to a new hosting service, one that has a lot of experience working with Zen Cart. I'm happy to report that my Sea Sprite Soaps site is working great, I have been updated to the latest, more secure version of my shopping cart, and my SSL is having no problems. Yay!

In the mean time, my Geoffrey has moved into his own apartment and is learning about how to budget his money and shop for groceries. He's only had a couple week, but he's slowly learning how to pace himself! We are going to pick up Vicky from USF on Friday and bring her home for the rest of the summer. Then she will be moving to her own apartment in the Fall.

In addition to making lots and lots of soap, including some new ones coming soon (Satsuma, Jasmine Vanilla), I've been finishing up my little 3D Poser character, Jamika. Here's a sneak peek of her as a mermaid.