Thursday, August 28, 2008

Empty Nest

Well, the nest isn't quite empty, but close. Last week we took Vicky to USF and got her settled in her dorm. Her roommate wasn't arriving for a few more days, so it was hard to just leave her there in this monastic little cell of a room all by herself, where she doesn't know anyone. We have had some teary phone calls and minor financial crises, but things are starting to sort themselves out.

She's got a meal plan so we know she's not going to starve. Even though all the kids profess to hate the meal plan food, every time we talk to her she's telling us about some yummy thing she just had for lunch or dinner. I miss her so much sometimes my head hurts. She's coming home for the Labor Day weekend tomorrow night. Yay!

I've added a bunch of new soaps to my Etsy shop, including Cedar and Saffron, Lavender Amber Sonnet, Night Blooming Jasmine and Dragon's Blood. I've also added back my hand crocheted Bath Pouffs, which are really nice and create mounds of rich lather no matter what soap or body wash you use with them.

I got this link from a soaping forum today and if you love ballet and incredible feats of gymnastics as much as I do, check out this Chinese dance troup in Swan Lake -- unbelievable!

More time-wasting fun links: Cake Wrecks and Engrish Funny.

Ever since the Olympics are over, I feel like I got drunk on TV and had a hangover. I had to prohibit myself from watching TV for a few days. That Michael Phelps, wow! I got such a kick out of watching his mom watch him swim. :D

In the last couple of weeks I've made the most darling little crocheted baby dress in green and pink Patons "Grace" yarn. My husband's granddaughter, Summer Joy, is expecting her first baby in November. Now I'm working on a blanket, very soft with a rainbow of pastel colors. I love making baby clothes!


Jen said...

Hey you! Hope you're keeping well. How did you weather the storm? Have you heard anything from Pat?

Stephanie said...

Hi Jen, we managed to get through TS Fay with some mild swamping of the back yard, and Gustav didn't affect us much at all. Thankfully! Now we're keeping an eye on the other 3 storms out in the Atlantic.

I haven't heard from Pat in a while, I'm kinda out of the whole PI loop anymore.