Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Christmas Eve

I've been terrible about keeping up with this blog. To the few who still come by regularly, my apologies. Things have just gotten away from me. I have been so busy making and selling soap, Geoff is in the process of applying to colleges, and Vicky is home from USF for the break. It's been very busy, hectic, fun and stressful, all at once.

We decided on a relatively lean Christmas this year, nothing too extravagant. One big present for each kid and the rest is little stuff. Many people in our family are hurting, financially and with illness. While there's always much to be grateful for, there is also a lot to worry about too.

The other night I put up our fake Christmas tree. I've resisted liking it, even though it's very pretty, for two years now. But I'm finally to the point where I can't justify spending $80 on a real tree, only to throw it away a few weeks later. Not particularly "green," is it? So I dragged out all the old ornaments I've been collecting for years and put them on the tree, especially the ones the kids have made over the years. The tree is stunning and magical now!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I'm going to make homemade lasagne and bread, and buy some really good cannolis for dessert. I'd love to make gnocchi, but the kids won't eat it, so I'll save the gnocchi for New Year's Eve, for me and Lowell.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your family and friends.

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Theresa said...

Merry Belated Christmas & Happy New Year! :)