Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Love

I was delighted to see my Lilac and Lavender soap mentioned on the ReadySetCraft blog today. Thanks Joanne!

I'm featured in this treasury today too!

I've been working on my domain site and have actually set up a Zen Cart that appears to work. Take a look at my newly freshened-up Sea Sprite Soaps! As much as I love Etsy, the listing and transaction fees are a killer. I'd like to sell more from my own site and via my newsletter, and will start offering my monthly discount only to customers who buy directly from my domain site. I've got to start somewhere.

I've also been working hard on restocking many of the soaps I've run out of. I've got to start making larger batches so I'm not always low on stock. Yesterday I made more Blood Orange Patchouli, a really big batch, since it's a strong seller. And I made a new one, a Plumeria Lavender blend inspired by one of my best Etsy buyers. In her honor, I'm going to call it Kay Ann's Aloha Dreams!

We are so happy that Vicky is home for spring break this week. And Geoffrey has been accepted to Florida Gulf Coast University for fall 2009. Pretty soon both of my babies will be in college. Sigh.

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