Thursday, October 7, 2010

Copyright Violators

My friend Lucie is an amazing digital artist. She had a very bad and, sadly, typical experience with a scrapbooker redistributing her original artwork without permission. You can read about her experience in her blog.

The first paragraph is in French, but the rest is in English. It's a shame how low people can go to make a few pennies, without regard for taking money out of a real artist's pocket. And the gravy, of course, is that they slap their own copyright on stuff they never made (or even bought as a resource, but grabbed somewhere illegally), violate the terms of use and then get all pissed off and defensive when they get caught. And believe me, they always get caught. The internet is not such a big place as they think.

Fortunately the shops where this "vendor" was trying to sell my friend's work have all pulled this person's products from their stores. Hopefully Lucie's post will help more people become aware of this problem. It is a big problem in the digital artwork community. A little dose of shame for this miscreant is in order too.

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