Thursday, June 19, 2008

Absinthe Treasury

I was thrilled today to find my Absinthe soap in an Absinthe Treasury -- take a look at all the wonderful handmade things!

We are back from new student orientation at USF. Lots of walking tours in the broiling hot sun, sitting in hard stadium chairs and endless PowerPoint presentations. The kids were separated from us parents right away and spent the night in dorms. I didn't read the pamphlet that said to bring bed linens for the dorms, so I spent a frantic lunch hour driving around Tampa until I found a K-Mart where I got a sleeping bag, pillow and towel for Vicky.

I don't know that the orientation really needed to be two days long, but I certainly learned a lot about the university. They put a lot of time and effort into the presentations. I just wish they spent a little more time on presenting academic aspects, and a little less time on athletics, "involvement" in the more than 500 clubs and activities and weekend party buses to Ybor City.

I'm so happy we're home now. I love to get away and see new things, but within a day or so I miss my routines at home and familiar belongings.

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Theresa said...

From the sounds of it, orientation went ok. Now you are back home and obviously busy as you haven't posted in a while!! Hope everything is well!