Thursday, June 12, 2008

Graduation Photo

Here's a photo of my baby girl receiving her high school diploma. :)

I've been a soapin' fool lately, trying to keep my inventory up and trying new soap fragrances. I've added Sea Sprite Beach Confetti (shown below) and Lilac to my shops recently.

I just soaped a new fragrance, Celtic Moonspice, which presents an interesting soap swirl challenge. The main soap will turn brown eventually as it cures because of its vanilla content. So I held out some of the soap and tinted it with white pearl mica and swirled that in, but you can't see what's going on with the swirl because the whole mass of soap is white while you're doing it. Thus, it's a "blind" swirl. Now that it's been sitting for a couple of days, it's darkening and the light swirl is holding up. It looks pretty, very delicate and feathery. I wish all my swirls turned out that well!

Today I need to make some more Cuppa Chai soap. It's one of those fragrances that you just can't use in CP (cold process) soapmaking because it turns my soap batter into instant "soap on a stick" when you pour it in. Goes from fluid to solid in a heartbeat. This is a fabulous fragrance that I adore and that sells well, but one I have to make in the crockpot via HP (hot process), then the fragrance gets added after the cook results in saponification. I used to make all of my soaps this way, but I find I really do like the fineness and semi-translucence of CP soap more. Still there's something to be said for the slightly lumpier, more rustic look of HP soaps. Well hell, I just love soap period. I'm addicted.

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Di said...

Totally loving the colour of her gown. Congratulations to Vicky! And I love what you're doing with your soaps. Love those soaps. Yum!