Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach Time Treasury

My Sea Glass soap was featured in this Beach Time Treasury today! :)

I've really got to stop watching so much Food Network. I'm hooked on the "Next FN Star" show and am rooting for Debbie and Melissa. And I keep haunting the recipes section and making amazing stuff. Last night I made chicken pounded out thin, then rolled up into pinwheels with prosciutto, spinach with garlic and goat cheese, browned and baked, accompanied by rice pilaf. The night before it was roasted vegetables with penne and fontina cheese. Stop me before I cook again!

I'm taking my DH to the oncologist tomorrow to see if he's going to need chemotherapy to follow up his surgery. I am so much hoping that he does not have to go through that.

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Hypnotransformations said...

Congrats on the treasury! That prosciutto chicken sounds yummy! Prayers to your husband. Kym