Monday, November 9, 2009

Finished Reading

I finished reading "Wolf Hall" last night and wow! That is some book. The usual comparisons of Cromwell to More are biased toward More being the kind, gentle cleric, but this book turns it all around. I really loved it. If you adore the Tudor era and the whole Anne Boleyn drama, you'd love this book. I just packed it up and mailed it to my aunt and cousin in England, who put dibs on it after I'd finished reading it!

Both of our kids were home from college this weekend and I was sooo happy to get to spend family time with them. I always overdo it on the gourmet-type cooking and everyone gets French Toast or something equally fussy every morning for breakfast. We watched movies together and just had a relaxing time. It's always so hard when they get in their cars and drive back to school.

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