Monday, November 2, 2009

Reinstalling Programs

Argh, I realized this weekend that I still hadn't re-installed Poser on my new computer. This is a huge program with a lot of content, so it's not a trivial matter. Then I discovered that somehow I had lost the backup copy of my most recent upgrade and went through hundreds of backup DVD's to no avail. And the DVD with all my content from Daz3D was corrupted.

So I spent roughly 48 hours downloading stuff from my account at Daz, getting my stuff back. It's incredibly slow and tedious. And now I'm working with an older version of Poser, one that was fine for a long time but I got spoiled by the upgrade to Poser 7 and now I'm back to Poser 6. Sniff. I may have to spend moolah now to upgrade to Poser 8. Some day.

It was so much fun seeing the little tiny kids come around trick or treating. We must have had at least 200 kids come around in packs with moms and dads and even costumed dogs! I'd bought $40 worth of candy at WalMart and gave away everything except 2 Heath bars I hoarded for myself.

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