Thursday, September 23, 2010


Three weeks ago our dear, 10 year old Welsh Terrier, Taffy, died. It pretty much knocked the stuffing out of me. We've taken it very hard. I'm gradually getting back to work.

I took advantage of ArtFire's new promotion of a lifetime price of $5.95 per month, and opened Sea Sprite Soaps on ArtFire. I don't know why ArtFire doesn't get more traffic and sales, but they have some wonderful tools and get their listings right into Googlebase, so this is a relatively inexpensive gamble I'm taking to get my shop out there.

I'm still tweaking Ghislaine's skin textures after some constructive criticism. As usual, every little change takes way longer than I ever think it will.

Monday we went up to Tampa to help Vicky celebrate her 21st birthday. We went out to lunch and she had her first legal cocktail in a restaurant -- a Margarita! Her dad had one too, so I drove home and he snoozed all the way back to Naples. I can't believe my baby is 21. It doesn't seem possible, but it must be true. Next year it's Geoff's turn.

One of my favorite suppliers, Southern Soapers, is going out of business. Not only will I miss their wonderful fragrances and fabulous service, but it's going to cut a hole in my stock. They had stuff I couldn't get anywhere else so some things, like Havana Nights, Twilight Rose and (especially painful) Tassie Lavender will be no more.


Prints of joy said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your dog Taffy passing away.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for your kindness. :)

nightingale981 said...

Hi Steph,
I was so sad to hear about your pup. That's a really hard thing. But congrats to Vicky on her milestone birthday! I'll miss Twilight Rose a ton (Havana Nights too), but can't wait to see what other scents you try in the future!
All the best,

Stephanie said...

Thanks Liz, it's been rough missing Taffy. I do have a few new fragrances on the horizon -- Perfect Peony and Lei Flowers, and a new Herb Garden scent. :)