Saturday, January 24, 2009

Juried Sites, Elitism and How it All Doesn't Matter Anyway

A few months ago the Etsy forums were agog with news of a soon-to-open, juried shop that would spend a lot on site design and advertising. Many successful Etsy sellers, including soapmakers, had applied to and been accepted by this site. So I thought "What the heck" and I applied with my best product photo. I was rejected so fast my head spun, within 5 minutes.

Not that it was a great blow to my ego, but it stings a little to be rejected, eh? Especially when I'd seen the work of some sellers who had been accepted. So several months go by and the new shop opens and guess what? No one's buying much of anything there. The site design and listing fees have received a lot of negative feedback and the administration branded, with some supporting evidence, as a bunch of loons.

So I guess it really doesn't matter too much about not getting into this site. And like Groucho said, "I don't want to belong to a group that would accept me as a member." Ha ha. Seriously, I'm not going to spread myself too thin anyway. I'm on Etsy and ArtFire, as well as my own domain site, Sea Sprite Soaps. It's hard enough to promote yourself on Etsy forums, which I lovingly think of as the Thunderdome.

I've added a couple of new and renewed soaps to my shops -- Bitter Almond, Winter Solstice, Divine Vanilla Spirit and Calabrian Violet & Bergamot. Coming soon: Twilight Rose, Pink Carnation, Coco Lime Verbena and Lilac and Lavender. Plus more Coconut Cardamom Custard, which I can hardly keep in stock!

On the home front, Vicky was here for the long MLK weekend. I love having her at home and it's always hard for us when she goes back to school. We drove to Tampa and met Lowell's new great-granddaughter, Sofia. She is such a beauty, and very smart and strong and alert for a 3 month old!

Geoff has been accepted to one college for the fall, but is still really hoping for USF. I'd hate for him to be in Tampa too, but at least he and Vicky would have each other as a support system. And I keep reminding myself, "It's only a two and a half hour drive." Sniff.

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