Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two New Soaps

I've added two wonderful new soaps to my shops! Check out Winter Solstice and Divine Vanilla Spirit! :)

We drove up to Tampa to see Vicky yesterday. We are all homesick and missing each other. It was a nice long visit. We got to see her new hermit crab and went to Ybor City, the old Spanish town where the roads are made of brick. We walked around a small farmer's market and got Vicky some cute handpainted peace sign earrings. Then we ate at the Columbia Restaurant, the amazing Spanish restaurant that's been there since 1905.

It was like sitting in a European courtyard, all splashing fountains, colorful tiles, arched doorways and impeccable service. Plus fabulous food! One of the things I really miss about Miami is Cuban food. I haven't had a good palomilla steak with fries since we used to eat at "Lila's" 25 years ago. I had some yesterday and it was sooooo good! Even the kids liked the food, and they are usually picky and prefer homogenized, predictable fast food. I have that Columbia Restaurant cookbook somewhere and I'm going to have to dig it out so I can make the gazpacho. It was wonderful (like everything else)!

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