Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Soaps

I've added several new soaps to my shops, including Twilight Rose, Coco Lime Verbena, Pink Carnation and Lilac & Lavender.

Have you ever noticed when you're in a spirited discussion with someone who has an opposing viewpoint, they'll always start a rebuttal with "Actually..." and then go on to tell you why you're full of crap? It's almost always a prelude to someone flexing what they think it their superior knowledge. When I hear "actually" I know a lecture will soon follow. Whether it's accurate or not.

I've decided that the Promotions forum on Etsy reminds me of The Thunderdome, from the old Mad Max movies. You gotta have a strong stomach and boundless energy to keep up with it. But posting there does seem to work, at least for me. Etsy forums are a kind of madness, the pace is incredible. It's always amusing to see how many posters will answer a question in exactly the same way. A couple of times I've answered a soap question, but 20 other people will also chime in with the exact same response, as if they'd never noticed that 19 other people already said the same thing. The only thing I can think of is that it's a way to get their names noticed and hopefully a visit to their site. See what I mean about The Thunderdome?

It's been very cold here lately, at least for Florida. We don't like 38 degree nights here. Brrrr. I have to bring the cats in when it's cold, after the dogs are crated and put to bed for the night. It's always fun when one of the dogs has to go out at 5 am, like this morning. First I have to stumble around in the dark, find the cats, put them outside, pick up the kitty litter box and put it away, pick up the cat food and water and put that up high, then release the dogs for a pee. Then put the dogs back in the crate, try to go back to sleep with ice cold feet, give up, and go sit in the living room and wait for the newspaper to be delivered while everyone else is sleeping peacefully. I am a doorman for cats and dogs.

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