Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Made a Wristlet Bag!

I haven't done much sewing recently and I miss it. I've been looking for a quick, fun sewing project, so I bought this adorable little Curvy Clutch wristlet bag pattern from KeykaLou on Etsy. I want to emphasize that not only is this a great little pattern, but the step-by-step instructions are very well written, and there's lots of supporting information and sewing tips on her web site.

Anyway, I just had to make one and went right down to JoAnne's to use up my 40% coupon. Well, by the time I bought fabric, lining, interfacing, thread, D-rings, lobster clasp, etc. I probably could've bought something for way less, but it wouldn't have been this damn cute! I fell in love with this crazy little fish design. It's lined with a blue batik that looks like an underwater grotto. The whole bag is only about 8" X 5" so it's great for when you just need to make a quick run to the store.

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nightingale981 said...

Stephanie, that is SO CUTE!!! I love it! You picked an awesome fabric, and you did a great job sewing too. I have to go check out KeykaLou!
(nightingale981, chileandreamer)