Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vanilla de Madagascar Super Bubbling Handmade Soap

It's in my shop as of today, a bold experiment that yielded fabulous results! Usually I use a blend of 5-6 oils and butters in my soaps, but my friends at the Soap Dish forum turned me on to "Break the Rules" soap -- 75% Coconut Oil, 25% Cocoa Butter! Usually more than 30% Coconut is not recommended because some people find it drying. However, this is "superfatted" at 20%, which means a good portion of lovely oil and butter wasn't saponified, and is floating around in that luscious soap and it won't dry your skin out. In fact, it leaves it feeling wonderful.

I had to make some last month because I lurve me some Cocoa Butter in my soap, and 25% is totally extravagant. Plus the scent is extravagantly luscious, like Madagascar Vanilla beans, deep and rich. And the soap is almost black, it's so dark, but the amazingly bountiful lather is pure white and creamy rich. I've already sold 2 bars today, so I think this one might go fast.

I found out that Facebook disabled my account because I joined a network that I thought was for alumni of my high school in Miami. Apparently you are only allowed to join if you are currently a high school student, even though I recognized a lot of names including the one of the person who invited me to join the group.

So I wrote to Facebook, they told me they had disabled my account "in error," which doesn't jibe with the earlier communication that I was not allowed in this high school network. They told me they apologized and my account had been reinstated. Except that I still can't log in or see anyone's Facebook, much less my own. Sheesh!

Well, I need to get busy making more lip balm. After a full year and tinkering with a very expensive formulation, I have finally devised what I think is the perfect lip balm. It's got so much luxury stuff in it, it's ridiculous. But it is truly awesome. :D

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