Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Pic

This is the first family photo we've had for a long while, taken around the new year on our last visit to Miami. From L to R it's Lowell's granddaughter's husband, his granddaughter, Lowell, me (striped shirt), Geoff, Vicky, Lowell's grandson and his daughter.

I ordered a big, 10 lb. box of MaryJane's Farm's baking mix. I love the stuff! But it's reeeeeally big. Keeping little critters and ants out is a big problem in South Florida. I just ordered a highly rated air-tight container that should do the trick on I sure hope it works! I made a peach cobbler with the baking mix the other night and it was fantastic. Of course you can't go wrong with 10 dead ripe peaches, right? I love the perfume of peaches.

I received some wonderful soap from AromaArtisan yesterday, her Turkish Cafe Luxury, and OMG it is amazing. She sent me two natural perfume samples that are exquisite too, Delilah and Eden. At first the Eden grabbed my attention, but Delilah developed the most heavenly, rich and deep scent after I'd worn it a while. If you love natural perfumes, you must try that one!

It occurs to me that I am totally bonkers about fragrance. It makes me happy and I study and learn as much about perfumes as I can. I'm the one wearing Je Reviens or L'Heure Bleue with my 10 year old t-shirt, jeans and flipflops. I'm a woman with priorities, and smelling great is one of them. If I ever win Lotto, I would love to take a formal class in perfume making. Not necessarily all natural perfumes, but that would be a good place to start. It's just that ingredients are so expensive, and I don't have time in my days for one more Learning Experience.

The countdown has begun for my kids going off to college. On the one hand it will be quieter around here and our grocery bill will go way down. On the other hand, it is going to be too quiet and boring. With both kids off to college on August 20th, our whole lives will change again. Thank goodness Geoff can be home on weekends in 1/2 hour, and Vicky can be here in 2 hours. If they were in California or Wisconsin or something, I don't know if I could bear it.

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