Friday, August 14, 2009

Ocean Rain Handmade Soap

New in my shop today, Ocean Rain soap! It's really hard to describe the fragrance, but it does actually smell fresh and clean and ozone-ish, like rain on seawater.

Less than a week to go before Geoff moves into the dorms at FGCU. Next day, he's going to help us move Vicky back into her USF dorm. Then it's going to be just me and Lowell at home. Sniff.

One thing we will be trying when we're on our own (at least during week days, the kids come home on weekends) is more vegan recipes. It's not a philosophical or moral issue to eat vegan. We were shocked and impressed by a book we read recently called "The China Study." The book summarizes extensive, well conducted, large scale research showing that dairy and meat products, especially casein, cause cancer cells to grow and cutting them from your diet slows tumor growth. Since my DH has just been through his second bout with cancer, I figure anything that might help prevent any further illness is worth a shot.

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Oooh this is beautiful!