Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ocean Rain Featured

My Ocean Rain handmade soap was featured in Inspirewire's blog today -- Thanks Bonnie!

Geoff went to IKEA over in Fort Lauderdale yesterday and bought himself a whole living room full of furniture for about $600. It's for his apartment, which he moves into on the 1st. Last night we all gathered around in the living room while he unpacked the contents of one box and got out all his tools. We called it "The Boring Family Spends Friday Night Watching Their Son Assemble a Night Stand." :D


TLC Inspirations said...

Thanks Stephanie! That soap is calling my name! I may need to try it. :o)

TLC Inspirations said...

Thanks Stephanie! Your soap is calling my name...guess I need to place an order. :o)
I thought I already posted here but must have forgot to hit publish.