Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fabric Shopping

I did a lot of work weeding and tearing out old flowers yesterday, then planted a bunch of new flowers in the container garden around our lily pond. I've made a little album of the photos, including some of our brilliant bromeliads, at Flickr. You can see them here.

I'm gearing up to begin making Dream Pillows, filled with soothing herbs and flowers. I went shopping for fabrics yesterday and really got into the idea of matching colors and patterns to the dream blends I am making. I spent an hour admiring different batiks with soft, watercolor patterns.

I bought a yard each of 4 different kinds and I couldn't honestly say which one I love best. They are all so beautiful. I'm in a Medieval Stillroom swap with some other crafters and I'm making some solid perfume and dream pillows as my contribution. The dark purple batik with gold, pink and sage swirly dots and stars is going to be perfect for the swap.

I love swaps. I know it's crazy, I already have a ton of bath and beauty products I've made myself, but I am always eager to try what other people make. Right now I have 44 sample bars of soap sitting in a box, plus the delightful stuff I got from a Harry Potter swap. I have 7 different bars of soap going in my bathroom. I need to muster some self control about swaps.

Later on, after I do my yoga, I'm going to be working on a digital character I started a couple months ago but haven't finished yet. She's called Mitsouko, and she's almost finished. For some reason I'm just stalling on it. I need to get busy. Here's what she looks like so far.

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shopPOPKO said...

this is a fascinating and totally amazing image that youre making! i want tto see it when its done!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Crystal! It takes me 40+ hours to make these skin textures, so it's slow going :)