Saturday, August 25, 2007

Watercolor-y Batiks

I've added some clip art-type graphics to my shop, 3 cute little Anime Dollies in PSD format, 72 dpi, @800 pixels high each, with no drop shadows. These are royalty free, made from my own 3D characters, and can be used to make sig tags, banners, web pages, decorate fundraiser candy wrappers, make greeting cards, or whatever your imagination suggests. They can be used in any program which can handle PSD files.

Remember when I went shopping for fabrics to make my dream pillows a couple days ago? I just had to take a photo of these beautiful batiks. The purple splotchy one is my favorite.

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Now I'm off to make Lilac soap, then a big batch of Lavender.

Oh yes, and does anyone know how I can make my blogger page 100% the width of the page?

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Jen said...

Those fabrics are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the pillows.