Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Weekend Already

Our Geoffrey turns 18 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. My "baby" is now 6'3" and looks like a grown man. Which he is, officially. He doesn't want to go out on his birthday, he wants this particular soup I make and my homemade bread, and one of my homemade chocolate cakes to celebrate. I am only too pleased to know that he'd like my vegetable soup more than going out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant!

Vicky is going to UCF in Orlando for a football game this weekend. She's meeting new kids (mostly boys, ha ha) and her social life is starting to pick up after the first two lonely weeks of not knowing anyone in Tampa. Every day she calls raving about how much she enjoyed this class or that, learning new things about art and math and sociology. All the things I wish I'd been able to do, going to college and living in a dorm, she is doing. I was an older commuter student when I finally got around to going to college. It's such a pleasure to experience, vicariously, this college student life through her young eyes and experiences.

Lately I've been working on the perfect lip balm formulation. Or as nearly perfect as I can get it. I have a very nice one I've been using for a while, but want to make something a little firmer and heat-resistant to melting, that still has a nice glide. I've got a couple of great customers who are going to test them for me and give me their honest opinions.

Today a new Whole Foods market opened in Naples. I was astonished at how wonderful it is, how big and how practically everyone seemed to be there for the grand opening! I found something I have been trying to find locally for years, but never could -- Explorateur cheese. It smells like the bottom of a diaper pail but is absolutely ambrosial, the best cheese I ever had. It brings back memories of a romantic time when DH and I were first dating and we found this lovely cheese exploring Charleston, SC. Is it like that for others, I wonder? Every treasured or favorite food seems to have a back story for me.

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