Monday, September 22, 2008

Ginger Orange Handmade Soap

I've got one of my new fall soaps in my shop now, Ginger Orange, and Arabian Spice is back in stock now too.

I spent some time today re-working my Etsy banner. I hadn't opened Poser in a while and it was fun losing myself in some renders. Here's the new look (you have to click to see it full size):

I made my first sale in my HandmadeFuzion shop!

Trimming our dogs' nails is such a horrible experience. They hate it and writhe around and act like we're killing them. Lowell bought a dremel-type thing that has a burr on it to kind of sand down the nails. On TV all the dogs look so calm and happy getting their nails done. Ours acted like they'd been goosed when we tried it.

We are now reverting to our training as behaviorists and gradually exposing them to the evil nail trimmer. The ole desensitization trick. We've been gently rubbing it on their backs and legs first without turning it on, then tried it with the buzzing thing going. They are still very skeptical about it. I guess they should watch more TV to learn how to act.

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Tracyw. said...

OH, I really like the new banner! And the ginger soap sounds good enough to eat!!!