Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New A/C

Wouldn't you know it? After our central air conditioner died last week, we spent a very toasty weekend sweating our tushies off until the new one could be installed. So yesterday we got our new a/c, to the tune of nearly $6,000. And guess what? This morning it was a "frosty" 50 degrees here, our first really cool weather of the fall. I've been in a sweatshirt all day!

I'm in a treasury over on Etsy today. Go here to give it some love!

Today I realized I have something like 38 different kinds of soap in my shop. That's waaaay too many. I have to start reigning in the variety. I got a lot of new stuff for the holidays, like Gingersnap and Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry Orange Marmalade. Plus I couldn't pass up Bay Rum, Bayberry Spice and Tanzanian Clove (to die for). Fragrance oil descriptions are my undoing. I want them all.

We got our early votes in. Every time I go by the library, there's a long line, hundreds of people, showing up to vote early. The papers say there's never been so many early voters in our county. Today I was proud to walk Vicky through the mailing in of her first real vote, her absentee ballot for the presidential race. Geoff's turn next year!

I have to make a big batch of lip balm tonight. I've got some new butters to try out and pretty lip balm tubes with aqua caps that look so nice with my sea sprite labels.

I'm crocheting a special goodie for my auntie, who lives in England now. It's turning out so pretty. I wish I could show you but she might read this, so I can't. But I think she'll love it. It's purple.

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