Monday, October 6, 2008

Cranberry Orange Marmalade Soap

New in my shop today, Cranberry Orange Marmalade handmade soap. I know this is immodest, but it smells so freaking good, it's unbelievable! In the US, you can buy one now right here, price includes shipping.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make cold process soap, but are concerned about where to get the ingredients and good instructions, I'm happy to say that Essential Herbal is going to have an online class that includes the ingredients you need to make a 2 lb. batch of handmade soap. I subscribe to their magazine, The Essential Herbal, and it's a fantastic read.

I'm going to have a custom soap stamp made soon. I have to come up with a simple, evocative design that has enough lines in it to make a good strong impression, but not too many lines that makes it impossible to see what it is. I'm thinking a nice mermaid's tail with flowing lines would be good for my Sea Sprite Soaps.

I'm getting pretty excited about the impending birth of my husband's granddaughter's new baby, due the end of this month. Her name will be Sofia Victoria, which we think is such a beautiful name! I love it that her middle name is the same as our daughter's name. Ah, babies. They remind us that life goes on and all of the promise life holds for us.

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