Monday, October 20, 2008

Visiting USF

We drove up to USF in Tampa this past weekend to visit Vicky. Geoff wanted to see the campus because he's thinking of applying there too. We hauled up a mini-fridge that fits under Vicky's bed. She's so happy to be able to keep milk and cereal in her room now, and can have cold water and tea in there. Even with a meal plan, sometimes it's hard for her to find something she likes to eat, or to get there before they close. This way she has some stuff she can eat right in her room. Her roommate has a small microwave, so they're all set.

It made me happy to see her room all decorated and neat and tidy. Here's some photos I took of her and Geoff.

We're pretty excited and keeping the phone line free tonight. My husband's granddaughter is in the hospital having her first baby. I can't wait to meet little Sofia Victoria!

I have a couple of new soaps in my shop including Bay Rum and Gingersnap. They smell divine. :D


eeniemoni said...

Wow, Stephanie. Vicky is gorgeous! And Geoff must've grown 5 feet since I last saw a picture of him years ago on your blog.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Moni! Yeah, Geoff is now over 6 feet tall. Who ever thought I'd end up the shortest one in my family? :D

lp said...

Oh wow is he tall! Ahhh college/dorm life - I do miss it!