Saturday, May 30, 2009

Macapuno Sorbet Handmade Soap

New in my shop today, Macapuno Sorbet! It smells like the Filipino dessert known as "mix mix." The scent is a wonderful, mouth-watering melange of the slurpy, mutant little Macapuno Coconut plus jackfruit, lychee, mango, pineapple and other luscious fruits. Also available in my Etsy shop.

My son Geoff graduated from high school yesterday! He was so cute, obviously trying to be unimpressed about it but clearly thrilled to be done with high school. We are too! He went to an all night party called "Project Graduation" hosted by the YMCA and came stumbling in at 4 am this morning. I think he'll probably sleep all day. Then we're taking him out to dinner at a Japanese steak house he loves, the kind where they flip your food around and charge a young fortune. But he's worth it!

We had a long talk with him about college last night, he is so excited about beginning university, living away from home (but not too far!) and all the new experiences he will have. It makes me so happy for him, and a little jealous. I remember that excitement of starting college and feeling like your whole future was ahead of you and anything is possible.

I saw a post about this in a forum I frequent, as an example of a beautifully designed site. I have to agree that Meomi Cloud House is adorable -- check out that complicated layout and the many subtle little animations! And they have some ridiculously cute free Desktops!

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