Friday, May 22, 2009

Pale Pink and White Swirls

I made a new soap yesterday and it smells amazing! It's called Get Lei'd, sorry for the pun, eh? But it's wonderful, the scent reminds me of YSL Paris, which I used to wear 24/7, until I was too old to be a jeune fille. Anyway, I swirled it in palest pink and white and I think it's going to be a knockout. Today I'm moving on to the Thai Coconut.

I bought so many new fragrances lately that it's starting to feel the teeniest bit like work to soap it all! :D


Nancie A. Tharp said...

..but some of us are so glad you do! I got my latest order yesterday. Thanks once again for the samples and the lipbaum...

Stephanie said...

You're welcome Nancie, I'm so happy you liked the stuff you ordered! :)