Saturday, September 1, 2007

Coconut Lemongrass

I just made a batch of Coconut Lemongrass soap, using real coconut milk, and it looks and smells out of this world. Coconut milk adds such a lovely, creamy texture to the lather, very similar to goat's milk soap, plus it adds its own ethereal coconut fragrance. I was going to do a pale yellow swirl, but once the coconut milk was added to the lye water, it traced (thickens up and looks like pudding) very fast and there was no time for a swirl. But I think the pale, creamy ivory color is perfect for the fragrance, as it is.

I have some very tiny blue clay beads that I've been looking forward to working with. Clay adds such nice, gentle exfoliation to soaps, plus it looks so pretty. I'm trying to decide which soap to use it in. Decisions, decisions!

We had our big morning out today -- to First Watch for brunch, then to the bookstore to use up our Borders 25% off coupons. Then I got to make soap. The perfect day! It doesn't take much to make me happy.


Di said...

Ooooh I have got to have some of that soap once it's ready. I think I'll do one more order in a few weeks... that should keep me in soap LOL And maybe a couple of xmas gifts..

Stephanie said...

Ooo Di, I think you would love it. I'm not sure whether to eat or take a shower with it, LOL :D