Monday, September 10, 2007


Gah, I've had the worst cold for the past few days. It knocked me for a loop. Everyone in my family got sick and I thought I'd escape the germs, but noooooo...I always get what they get after everyone else is over it.

Finally, building up my soap stock is paying off. I put into my shop today my Lilac, and my Lavender soaps. Here's a photo of the Lilac, it's the prettiest pastel blue. The soap is posing on a beautiful knitted face cloth Jennifer sent me years ago. :D


Di said...

Ooooh Steph, I'm just loving your Lilac and Gardenia soaps... they are so lush.. love them.. can't wait to order more actually. Hope you recover from your cold fully! x

Jennifert said...

Feel better soon!