Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Lack of a Battery

I couldn't take photos of the new things I made today because the memory thingie for my Mavica needs new batteries. I've got all kinds of stuff I need to photograph, including Patchouli Sweet Orange soap and new things I've made.

I did have fun this morning making a really wonderful Sweet Orange Mango Lip Butter. I think "butter" is a better way to describe this, rather than a "balm," because it's slightly less firm, with more slip to it. It needs a little pot instead of a tube.

This lip butter is very rich, with mango butter, and castor, jojoba, olive and sunflower oils, sweetened naturally with Sweet Orange essential oil. Mmmm...it feels so good on my lips.

I'm also working on a series of Total Indulgence packages -- soap, perfume and body cream in coordinated scents. First up is going to be Gardenia! I have to admit that I'm not a purist. I like my essential oils, but I also love my fragrance oils too.

Once I get some batteries I'm going to have to take more promotional photos. Being on Etsy is forcing me to re-evaluate my product photos and become a better photographer.

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