Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Fragrances

I made two big orders and one small order just before the Labor Day weekend. Is there anything cooler for a crafter than to get a big shipment of new supplies? I'm kind of stoked about the stuff I'm waiting for -- spendy oils like Meadowfoam, more essential oils, jars and lids and sealers, stuff to make even better lotions, perfume making supplies, etc.

Today I got the smallest order, 3 new fragrances. The one that intrigues me most upon sniffing is Lavender and Amber Sonnet, plus another new one, Secrets of India. The woman who blends these fragrances has what you would call a "nose," she has got an amazing talent for blending and duplicating famous fragrances and creating new ones. I don't know which one of these to soap first.

Today is my son's 17 birthday. It hardly seems possible that 17 years ago I was waddling around, barely able to breathe, awaiting the birth of my first biological child at age 42. Now he is a handsome 6'3" hunk who drives his own big, black truck and has girls calling him. And my daughter will be 18 in a few weeks. Yes, I had two kids under a year old at one semi-psychotic point in my life! :D

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