Friday, September 7, 2007

Creating an Avatar

An online friend asked for some help making an avatar that takes into account how she looks, her hair and eye color, and so on. I'm using my 3D character Lizzie, with my Justine skin texture and a wild mane of red hair. I think she turned out kind of pretty.

My big order from Majestic Mountain Sage arrived today. I got some wonderful small, low profile jars with sleek lids, packaging supplies and cool stuff for making lotions and potions. Now I'm just waiting on the one from Brambleberry so I can get some new products into my shop.

We took our son out last night to celebrate his birthday. He loves Applebee's and consumed an entire 12 oz. steak with garlic mashed potatoes all by himself! Then we came home and had a cake. I know it's only a box cake mix, but homemade cakes just taste so much better than cakes you buy at the grocery store bakery. I put rainbow sprinkles on it too!

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