Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching Up

I added a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy shop: Apricot Freesia soap, Orange Ginger soap and Mama Mia Baby Belly Balm ™. Today I was excited to make my 100th sale!

I think I'm having too much fun selling soap. It gives me an excuse to keep buying new fragrances. The other day I made Turkish Mocha and it gave me a craving for Starbucks. Yum. And a couple people I mentioned it to have already asked me when it will be ready. So I'm not the only person who likes the idea of coffee soap. I've some Chai Spice and Vanilla Latte fragrances on the way, too.

I still can't believe my daughter is 18. You really know your kid is growing up when you feel comfortable letting them drive you somewhere and (gasp!) cut your bangs for you. I still remember the time she cut all her hair off and put it in a bag under her bed. She denied that she had cut her hair. It was one of the few times I'd seen my husband cry. We're talking hair disaster, our little girl's long shiny hair hacked off to 100 different lengths. And now she cuts my bangs for me, heh.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your stuff is selling on etsy so well, and that you are enjoying soapmaking so much. It shows, they are all gorgeous and beautifully presented - I love the photos and wrapping/packaging. ;) gagirl