Saturday, October 20, 2007

Graduating Seniors

For the four years our daughter has been on the dance team, we've watched the graduating Seniors on the football team, the cheerleaders and the band/dance members walk across the football field with their parents to the applause of their classmates. Last night we were so proud to escort our daughter across the field to a lot of wild applause from her teammates. She was beaming! It meant a lot to her that all her teammates gave her a big cheer! She got a dozen roses from mom and dad.

Our son is going to his first school dance ever, for Homecoming next weekend. We went out and got him new dress pants and shirt, shoes and tie because the boy is growing like a weed. My 6'2" husband even has to look up at him now. I can't believe how tall and grownup our son has become. He invited the nicest little girl (literally, she's about 5' tall) who plays the tuba in the band to go to the dance with him. I can't even imagine them slow dancing together. :D

This morning I did such a mom thing for breakfast. I made Vicky and her GF real French Toast, from scratch, dusted with powdered sugar, served with bacon, and I even warmed the maple syrup. Plus I decorated the plate with cut oranges. Yum.

It looked so good it made me wish I wasn't on a diet. I just went back to WW a month ago and have lost almost 8 lbs. so far. It is a good start and I know WW works. I just wish I could blast off 30 lbs., but at my age, that just isn't going to happen. Slow and steady, that's the way it always goes for me.

I made some soap today and dang, it turned out weird. It separated into what looks like applesauce, and I couldn't even stickblend it into submission. So I poured it into the crockpot and tried to cook the living daylights out of it to get it to melt and cohere, but I don't think it was entirely successful. I have another batch that did something similar recently, same fragrance supplier, which makes me leery of ordering from them again. The soap is good, lathers well and all, but it looks like hell.

I really hate wasting wonderful and costly fragrances, not to mention the cost of the soap ingredients. So I might think of something to do with these unfortunate-looking soaps. I'm thinking of calling them Fugly Orphans or something like that and selling them at a discount. I wonder if that would work?

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