Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Lazy Day

Somehow I can't get off the mark today to do some product photography. I have Coconut Lime Verbena and Cuppa Chai soaps ready to go in the shop, but have no creative spark or ideas about how to do great photos. So I'm mostly dozing and reading today. That's OK though, some days you just need to do that. My batteries must need charging.

Oh, I did put my incredibly unattractive Plumberry Spice soap into my shop -- I'm calling them Homely Orphans and they're only $3 a bar. Just close your eyes in the shower. :D

I went to the library yesterday and found that I owed $35 in late fees! I have never been so late with so many books. It was a sobering experience. Of course immediately I checked out another 6 books, one of which is all about how to make Waldorf-style dolls. I've loved those dolls since my daughter was a baby and we began getting the Hearthsongs catalog with dolls like these in it.

Take the Pledge. I did! Buy handmade this holiday season!

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