Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kitchen Remodeling

Yesterday I put Sleigh Ride into my shop, it's such a wonderful holiday fragrance with orange, apple, mint and cinnamon. :)

I wanted to introduce you to an amazingly talented dress designer, my stepdaughter, Tabitha, owner of Astoria Designs. She just opened a shop at Etsy. I've known her since she was 15 and she's always been able to sew anything. She uses only the finest silks and laces and actually handpaints her own silks. Go take a peek at her beautiful art to wear!

Our whole kitchen is torn up and an incredible mess. My husband put a new countertop in, well...most of it, anyway. The hard part is done, where you have to take the whole sink out. Of course this means lots of cleaning up behind him, sweeping up sawdust and having to wash everything in the cupboards and drawers. Argh.

So I'm not making anything for a few more days. You can't do alchemy in your kitchen without counter space and running water.

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