Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lazy Day

I haven't done much of anything today except crochet. I'm working on a purple faery and spent a couple hours making her dress and hair. I love doing stuff like that. I really wanted to soap my Fresh Carnation fragrance today, but somehow just couldn't make myself do it. Tomorrow the kids go back to school and things should be a little quieter around here. So I'll probably get to it tomorrow.

You know who is really annoying? Besides Oprah Know-it-all Winfrey? Dr. Phil. Argh, it doesn't surprise me that they found each other. As a clinical psychologist, it embarrasses me to see his public pronouncements on everything. In this article, he speaks about Britney Spears' psychological problems.

One of the most basic, elementary tenets for licensed psychologists is confidentiality. That means you don't go out and give interviews to newspapers and radio and TV shows about your clients without a release of confidentiality. Maybe Britney told him "OK, go ahead and tell everyone how messed up I am." Or maybe not. Psychologists also must refrain, ethically, from diagnosing people they have not formally evaluated. Very odd, Dr. Phil. Maybe he just can't resist the lure of any microphone, anywhere.

And now to cap off my perfectly unproductive day, I'm going to watch Iron Chef. Jamie Oliver battles Mario Battaglia, yay!

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