Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Stuff and a New Deal

I added a bunch of stuff to my shop today! African Red Bush Tea Soap (Rooibos) and a Handmade Soap Bonanza, 5 Bars for $20, for a savings of $3.75. Also new today, thanks to Summersea's suggestion, a new perfume, Lavender Vanilla, 100% natural and made with only essential oils, vanilla-infused oil and jojoba.

I have done some trading recently with LandJArtsnCrafts, and I have to tell you that everything they make is wonderful! Yesterday my daughter was thrilled to receive this Ying Yang Pendant and matching Ying Yang Earrings, plus a Beatles bracelet, all of which she proclaimed were "Tight!" (her highest accolade these days). Thank you Joy!

When I'm not doing something else, I'm working on a little Goth Faery for my FaeryKnots shop, and today I came up with a new soap saver/scrubbie design that I like much better than my standard one.

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Di said...

Oh Steph... wow... wow! Just loving what you're doing lately. Love your soaps anyway. Think I might do another order soon. But those crocheted faes??! Oh my.. seeing them altogether there.. how sweet are they? You're so creative and crafty! x