Monday, April 20, 2009

1,500 Sales!

Today I hit 1,500 sales on Etsy! That's kind of misleading because one sale could be a lip balm, or it could be a huge custom order of 100 soaps. But one way or another, it's a lot of sales and it makes me happy.

I've had a really good month, sales-wise. More sales are coming directly from my Sea Sprite Soaps domain site, which is great -- fewer listing and transactions fees to pay out of my profit. As a result of good sales, I'm starting to get low on some of my more popular soaps. The past few days have been a soaping marathon to catch up -- Lemon Verbena, Calabrian Violet and Bergamot, Wild Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Vanilla de Madagascar, Tassie Lavender, Honey Patchouli (a new one) and another new one, Wisteria.

Ah that Wisteria, it was a heartbreaker. Instant purple soap-on-a-stick the minute the fragrance hit the soap. It's lumpy and bumpy because I could barely get it into the mold before it set up. It does smell divine, though.

I'm up to viewing Episode 4 of The Tudors, Season 3. I absolutely love that series!

Next week we get to bring Vicky home from school for the summer. It doesn't seem possible that she is finished with her freshman year already!

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