Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Surprise: Soap Cleans Your Hands Best

Yes, plain old true soap does the best job of cleaning your hands, according to a microbiological study at UNC Chapel Hill, reported in Science Daily. So you can feel good and smug now about buying yourself handmade soap!

I can't believe it, but in two weeks Vicky will finish up her freshman year at USF. It will be so nice to have her at home for the summer. She'll be working and taking classes at FGCU over the summer, so I don't think she'll actually be at home that much. But I'll take what I can get. I still miss her so much. Then in the fall, Geoff will start as a freshman at FGCU. Talk about an empty nest.

Vicky was at a mall in Tampa a few months ago with a friend, when they say 3 girls beating up another girl. They stuck around to be witnesses for the girl who was beaten (pretty badly too). One of the assailants pleaded guilty, but today Vicky and her friend had to go to court to testify about what they observed. She felt like it was important to stand up for what's right.

Can you believe this, the two other girls who beat the victim are identical twins? They even dressed exactly alike in court. Jeez, do you think the defense attorney had any part of that strategy? So my daughter is supposed to identify which one did what to the victim. I was proud of her because she admitted she couldn't tell them apart, but that both of them were wailing on this poor girl.

I'm glad she didn't feel pressured to say what one attorney or the other wanted her to say. She told the truth about what she saw, and that's it. I'm so proud of the woman she's grown up to be.

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