Saturday, April 18, 2009

Featured on a Blog

My Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm has been featured in a piece on the EtsyMoms team on VenezieBag's blog. Thanks Karen! That lip balm is one of my favorites. I know lavender and vanilla sounds like an odd combination of flavors, but it's actually pretty yummy!

My Lemon Verbena soap is featured in this beautiful, sunny treasury too!

Yesterday was a frustrating, slogging, but ultimately successful experience in fixing Stuff That Can Go Wrong With Zen Cart. For some reason, email quit coming to tell me when I'd made a sale. Then I was double checking my password and could no longer get into my own admin panel. I was ready to delete the whole thing and go back to using my old HTML shop with PayPal buy now buttons. Pretty primitive, but at least it was functional.

But I spent two solid weeks putting that shopping cart up, customizing it and getting all the shipping and zone tables to work, adding and editing products, etc. I didn't want to just scrap it. So I spent hours on the Zen Cart forums and getting help from my wonderful hosting service, JaguarPC. I learned how to edit the my SQL database, a sphincter-tightening experience.

So now my shopping cart works again. Learning can be a painful thing, but it's very satisfying to persist and finally get it right. I feel more confident now about my ability to puzzle things out and troubleshoot until I can make it work.

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