Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Insulting Spam Convos

You've probably received one of these if you've been on Etsy for very long. A new person with no feedback, Profile, shop, etc. wrote me a big long convo to "educate" me about something I already know about. The person assumed (always a big mistake) that I don't know very much about the ingredients I use and that they were scoring moral victory points for pointing out how wrong I am about my product tags. I had a long, erudite, empirically-based response planned but went for a pithy, profane and much more satisfying response instead. Haven't heard a word back since.

Still, it made me wonder about the kind of person that contacts a total stranger with an assumption that they know more than everyone else about a particular issue. The kind of busybody who likes to annoy other people in the guise of "educating" them. That approach does not fare well with me.

Here's another example -- I was on Etsy for less than a month when I received a nasty, venom-dripping convo from someone on a street team I'd just joined. She demanded I remove my lavender sachets from my shop because she owned the "copyright" on lavender sachets. You can imagine the hilarity this provoked around my home, where we actually have written and published books, regularly create copyrighted 3D products, etc. Phhhhft.

My DH is going to have surgery for colon cancer next Wednesday. We were hoping it could be done laparascopically, but no dice. We are glad we got the second opinion though, and the surgery will be done by a colo-rectal surgeon rather than a general surgeon. Good vibes, positive thoughts and healing energy are all appreciated.

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GloriasJewelryBox said...

Sorry to hear about that! Put that bad karma behind you!