Friday, June 26, 2009

Lotus Flower

Today is the first day in weeks that I haven't had to run around and be somewhere at a certain time. On top of that, it's been raining hard. We really need the rain so it's wonderful. And it's the perfect day for napping, which I've been doing with a vengeance.

The big beautiful lotus flower bud finally started opening in our backyard lily pond. It's the most delicate, fluffy flower, pink and white and yellow. It's taken a beating with the rain, so it's a little droopy, but I took a picture of it for you.

I made the most delicious dinner last night, Pasta with Asiago Cheese and Spinach. I'm a big fan of Giada on Food Network. This might be her best recipe yet. My family literally devoured it. It even tempted Lowell, who has lost a lot of weight from being unable to eat, into have two small helpings. If you're a pasta fan, you'll love it.

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