Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Natural" and Allergies

This is an interesting article stating that even natural perfumes can cause allergies. I don't know how many times I've heard about Princess and the Pea people who cannot tolerate anything that isn't "natural." On the other hand, I know a lot people have trouble with essential oils and other raw plant materials, to the point of becoming nauseated from the merest whiff of lavender or ylang ylang. It's something I've always known on an informal level, so it's interesting to see that confirmed.

I just made a giant batch of my Vanilla de Madagascar Super Bubbly soap. It's what I call my "break the rules" soap because it consists solely of coconut oil (75%) and cocoa butter (25%). Normally a high percentage of coconut in soap can be drying, but when it's combined with a lavish amount of cocoa butter and superfatted 20%, you get a divinely decadent, non-drying soap that lathers like a mofo. I'm amazed at how popular this one has been, even though it's dark brown and ugly as homemade sin. But it's pure indulgence and the fragrance is TDF.

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