Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clementine Lavender Soap

It's finally cured and I can't wait to use some myself! I just added deliciously fragrant Clementine Lavender soap to my shop. It turned out really pretty too, with kind of hippie-ish tie-dye looking purple and orange swirls!

Uh, Jen, if you're reading this, do you recognize the beautiful purple face cloth you knitted for me several years ago? It stars in a lot of my soap porn!

You know, getting your kid through the senior year of high school is not for sissies. Honestly, the more I deal with it the more convinced I am that the last year of high school is a giant PITA. Our county is trying to change the schedule (for the 3rd time in 4 years) back to 7 classes a day. With 2,000+ kids in the school, how much time out of each period will get wasted just dealing with stragglers and late kids, taking roll and other minutiae?

Twice in the last four years, including the present school year, the kids have had 4 long blocks of 90 minutes per class. They have extended periods of time to learn, to ask questions, to do labs and get more information in this block system. Everyone loves it -- kids, parents and especially teachers. Now they want to change it all up again, supposedly because it will save money.

The students at my kids' school had a sit-in demonstration yesterday which the media got a whiff of and it made the TV and newspaper news. It reminded me a bit of the 60's. Fight the Power!


Jen said...

You bet I'm reading, lady! LOL And here I was thinking it's time to make you some new ones because the old ones have to look like they're chewed over! ;) The soap looks fabulous and I'm imagining the smell. yum!

briansthoughts said...

Hi Steph is the Photo Impact forum still up and running? if so whats the link?

Stephanie said...

I stopped running the PIBB go years ago. Pat Hinds was running it, but about 2 years ago she closed it down. We had a good long run, but everyone felt it was time to just let it go. :)