Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rosemary Mint

I made Rosemary Mint soap yesterday and tried something fancy -- two layers with white underneath and pale green on top, sketching mint leaves into the surface of the soaps. I often have these great ideas that are much more wonderful in concept than they are in actual execution, LOL. Well I almost but not quite suck at making mint leaves with a toothpick and chopsticks. These soaps will probably benefit from a nice planing with the beveler and a little cosmetic mica to hide the wobblies. It's still pretty though and it smells fantastic.

Daz3D, where I sell my 3D characters as StephanieBT, has released a new version of their base figure, Victoria 4. I'm probably going to make something for her, but it takes a long time to make a skin texture from photos, from scratch. In the mean time, I've been playing with Thorne & Sarsa's beautiful Eliza. I did a fun render of her this morning.

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