Friday, February 8, 2008

It Had to Be Done

My office was a wreck. Paper, books, supplies, curing rack, stuff just everywhere piled on top of each other. I couldn't find anything. So yesterday I decided to take that first step to getting my work space organized. I started with my desk, the top of which was no longer visible. I promised myself I'd work for 1/2 hour. Ha ha. Three hours later, my office looks soooo much better. I can actually find things.

I still need to put in a couple more hours, but I'm very encouraged that this investment in time pays off so nicely. Not only do things look better, I can find my stuff and I feel calmer and more serene. I truly do believe that outer chaos contributes to inner chaos. It helps to have my Kwan Yin and Jizo statues sitting here next to me too.

Yesterday morning was traumatic. I broke a tooth this past weekend, it just sheared off its back face. So I had to have a temporary crown made, and will go back to get the final one in a couple weeks. I'm a real baby about dental work, I hate it. Especially lying on my back with my mouth open and chin tilted up while my jaws are clamped tight around the molding compound for 3 minutes. OK, it's not waterboarding, but it's close. It's really hard to breathe during those 3 minutes.

I made an avatar for a friend in Poser the other day. I have been playing in Poser a little more lately. I need to get back into it. Here's how the avatar turned out.

Today I want to make something light and spring-y. I'm torn between soaping my Love Spell duplicate, or Grapefruit Jasmine or Plumeria. The Plumeria gives me a headache, but I sold a lot of it last spring, so I feel like I need to make some more. No sense having a big honking bottle of expensive fragrance just sitting there.

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